– Ben Martens

Happy Birthday To Me

This is it. The big 4-0. I wasn’t going to post anything because what do you say at this point, but then I remembered when my dad turned 40. He had a birthday right around the same time as Pastor Hintz and they were born in the same year. Dad helped plan a surprise party for Pastor at our house and then when Pastor arrived, it was a double surprise because while he wasn’t looking, a sign was put up that said “Happy birthday Pastor and Dallon“. Kudos to my mom and Mrs. Hintz who I assume were the masterminds behind that idea.

One thought on “Happy Birthday To Me

  1. Dudley

    Happy Birthday Ben! Interesting to think about that celebration and now to think that you are at that point in your life. You are thinking about how old you are. I’m thinking about how young I was. Ha! Perspectives.