– Ben Martens

Hiking 101: Your First Hikes In the Seattle Area

Your pack is full and you’ve been looking through hikes. If you’re looking for some advice, I recommend that you try these 4 in order.

Once you complete these then you’ll have a good range of hikes under your belt and a good idea of what to look for in a hike. As you start to expand your abilities, you’ll be able to do the hikes that have fewer crowds. These four hikes are all very busy, but think of it this way: all those people can’t be wrong! They all have very big payoffs for relatively little effort.


    Hike Distance (miles) Elevation Change (feet) My Review
    Twin Falls 3.0 500 Link
    Rattlesnake Ledge 4.0 1160 Link
    Talapus and Ollalie Lakes 4.0 1200 Coming Friday
    West Tiger Mountain #3 5.0 2100 Link

In previous posts, I forgot to include a couple common courtesies that every hiker should follow and teach their children:

  • Stay on the trail. Don’t shortcut the switchbacks. It only takes a couple people to destroy a hill side.
  • Leave it better than you found it. Don’t leave trash and pick up any trash you see.
  • The uphill hiker has the right of way. If you’re coming down hill, find a spot to pull off the trail and let them by.

This ends the Hiking 101 series. We live in an amazing part of the country. Don’t take it for granted. Go forth and enjoy the great outdoors!