– Ben Martens


instagramlogoI joined Instagram quite a while ago mainly because it was an easy way to post both to my website and to Facebook, but the more I use it, the more I love it. You can only post pictures and videos so the content is very engaging. And I also find that the userbase is a lot more interactive than on Facebook or Twitter. When I tag posts with various hashtags, it’s very common to get some random person liking the picture or even following me if I post a few in a row that they like. I’ve been on Twitter for years and that almost never happens there. I’ve even started posting some stuff just to Instagram instead of posting to Facebook at the sametime.

I know Instagram is a very popular service, but if you haven’t signed up, give it a shot. You can see the full list of people I’m following, but to wrap this up, I’ll share a couple of my favorites:

  • spacex
  • calvarylutheranwa
  • cascadeloop
  • northwesthiker
  • mattcremona
  • smartereveryday
  • steveinmarin
  • iliketomakestuff
  • jaybates86
  • crystalmountain