– Ben Martens

Keyboard Scrolling

microsoftkeyboard4000Aside from those good old mechanical spring keyboards, my favorite keyboard is the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000. There’s also a wireless version which is the 7000. The two halves of the keyboard are split and rotated in toward each other just the way that your hands normally face. Each set of keys is concave to help keep a similar distance to your fingers no matter where the key is.

I don’t love all the shortcut buttons across the top but I mostly ignore those. I do, however, like the Back and Forward buttons below the spacebar. I map those to my music player so I can quickly skip songs.

One more shortcut button just became useful: the zoom button between the two halves of the keyboard. The software doesn’t support this in the UI, but you can remap this to be a scroll button.

  1. Go to “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center”
  2. Open commands.xml in a text editor.
  3. Search for <all> and you’ll see this under that section:
    <C319 Type=”6″ Activator=”ZoomIn” >
    <C320 Type=”6″ Activator=”ZoomOut” >
  4. Change it to look like this:
    <C319 Type=”6″ Activator=”ScrollUp” >
    <C320 Type=”6″ Activator=”ScrollDown” >
  5. Open task manager and terminate itype.exe
  6.  Restart itype.exe or reboot and voila!