– Ben Martens


Two years ago, I raved about as I finished publishing a hardcover book for each year of my blog going back to 2002. It’s time to give them another plug.

As you saw in the moblog, I just published volumes 2008 and 2009 of my blog book series. 2008 was by far the longest book yet (over 700 pages) and for 2009 I included all my Twitter updates in the appendix. Ridiculous? Why yes, it is. No I don’t expect anyone to buy any of these, but I love seeing them up on my shelf and I dream that some day I’ll have offspring that will enjoy flipping through them. If you want to look inside the books, check out my Lulu storefront. The PDFs are free.

I also used Lulu to create the guestbook for our wedding. It’s a 9”x7” hardcover photo book. There are photos spread throughout the book with lots of white space. We’re hoping that people will write comments/thoughts instead of simply signing their name. Or maybe it will just end up looking like a high school yearbook “Friends 4 EVA!”