– Ben Martens

Making Time

Bob Clagett is one of my favorite YouTubers and podcasters. Last December, he released his first book called “Making Time“. The book is a collection of thoughts about how he made the transition from 9-5 employee to full time maker while being a husband and dad. As the name implies, the book largely centers around making good use of time and fitting everything into his schedule. It’s a quick read and it has a lot of good insights about how to be a more efficient and effective human.

Along those same lines, I recently read a quote in a book that has really stuck with me: “How you spend your day is how you spend your life.” (It’s not a unique quote to that book but it’s the first time I think I’ve heard it.) This could be interpreted a few ways but it always pops into mind when I’m wasting time on my cell phone or sitting on the couch in the evening instead of creating something in the garage or on the computer. It’s easy to dream big for the future and have lots of great ideas, but if you’re not working on those dreams every day, you’re not going to get there.

On the Making It podcast, Bob said that this year he was going to try to stop wasting time. It’s so simple to say and so hard to do, but I bet we could all find an extra 15 minutes a day to spend in a more valuable way. Those little chunks of time can really add up to some impressive accomplishments!