– Ben Martens

Meat Week – Salmon

salmonI’ll say up front that I’m from Indiana. There’s not a lot of seafood in Indiana. It’s not really my thing and I know next to nothing about cooking it. But every once in a great while, I cook some salmon. Meat Week seemed like a good reason to try it again.

The salmon came from Safeway and was one of the half price specials because it hadn’t sold the day before. It had good color, still looked wet and had well-defined edges. I think those are the main ways you tell if it’s still good or not.

I marinated it for a few hours in equal parts soy sauce, warm water, and brown sugar with a little vegetable oil thrown in as well. I grilled it flesh side down first on indirect heat and then flipped it over after about 3 minutes. It seemed to be taking forever to get up to about 140 degrees so I flipped on the burner directly below it and finished it off.

I have very little to compare it to, but Tyla and I both enjoyed it. Feel free to correct me in the comments if I did something terribly wrong.