– Ben Martens

Mike Rowe’s Podcast

mikerowecnnshowMike Rowe is one of my favorite people to follow on Facebook. He has such a refreshingly normal view on life (or at least one that aligns with mine) and he is great with words. I was thrilled to hear that he has started a new podcast. He says it’s an homage to Paul Harvey and I can definitely see the similarities. Each episode is short (~5-6 minutes) and tells a great story. I don’t want to ruin it for you because it’s so much better to hear it in his own words. But do me a favor and go to and listen to episode 5. If you don’t get hooked after those 5 minutes, then I give up. It’s an incredible story.

2 thoughts on “Mike Rowe’s Podcast

  1. Ken C.

    I had heard about this but hadn’t listened until today. I blew through all of them in one shot. There wasn’t even one that wasn’t utterly fascinating. Great pick!

  2. Carol cooper

    I find them fascinating! But then I am one of those people who like to know the ‘inside’ story on things! I like to say I’m a ‘cesspool ‘ of trivial information! And it makes me happy!! Also I am pretty much obsessed. With Mike Rowe!!!!