– Ben Martens


It has been six years since the last time I grew a mustache for Movember. Tyla just loved it so much that I feel bad that I haven’t done it again for her to enjoy. (I’m not sure the full weight of that sarcasm can be communicated in plain text.) Plus, I think Elijah would find it amusing to see me with more than a little bit of stubble when I don’t shave for a while. So I’m putting the call out now: who’s with me for another Movember? Remember that the overall point of this is to raise awareness and money for men’s health so it’s for a good cause. In addition to growing that mo’, why not throw a donate a couple bucks too?

Here’s what I propose:

  • Leave a comment and let everyone know you’re joining in.
  • You’re welcome to get a running start on your mustache. Feel free to grow a full beard and start whenever you want.
  • Shave off that beard and let that mustache shine in all it’s glory during Thanksgiving week. I’ll probably go to work with it at least one day.
  • Send me a photo of your beautiful mustache and I’ll include it in a post here on my site.

Go forth and grow that mo!