– Ben Martens

Mt. Rainier Sees Increase In Visits

We had some good weather to start the summer last year and it translated into a lot of visitors to Mt. Rainier. The 1.19 million visitors was up 3.5% from 2009 and it was the most since 2004. An article in speculates that it is a sign of the recovering economy. The article is full of quite a few interesting stats:

  • The 2010 visitor number equaled the 10 year average
  • 64% of visitors are from the Puget Sound area (estimated)
  • ~15% of visitors stayed overnight
  • Backcountry campers were down 5.5% from 2009
  • Overall, National Park visitors were down 1.81% from 2009

I accounted for a couple of those visits with the motorcycle ride around Rainier and the Camp Muir hike. I really want to get down there and do some more hiking (Mt. Rainier or otherwise) this summer.