– Ben Martens


This weekend wrap up isn't terribly exciting. I had hoped to go skiing on Saturday, but that fell through. I-90 was still having issues, the ski resort didn't have power, and my back was still feeling a bit sketchy. I decided to sleep in which apparently now means that I get up at 8am. What happened to the days of yore when I could sleep nigh unto 2pm? Aching backs and waking up early: I'm getting old.

Tim and I discovered a great 30 acre park (Soaring Eagle Park) about half a mile from the house. It is filled with fairly easy mountain bike trails and Tim is convincing me to buy a bike. That might just happen, but not until ski season is over. One sport at a time please. The moral of this story is that you should sometimes turn left out of your driveway instead of always turning right. There may be a huge park there and you didn't even know it.

I did publish the book this weekend and ordered a hard cover version. The book itself is $18.95 and shipping was $9. All in all, having a hard cover book custom printed and shipped to your door for less than $30 is very impressive. The PDF version of the book is a free download. You can see the storefront here: No, I don't really want anyone to buy this. It's just a hobby project, but who knows, maybe seeing the storefront will spark some creativity in you and get you to publish that book you've always thought about. I'll have a full review of the print quality once it arrives (~2 weeks for printing + ship time.) If it looks good then I'll go through with the rest of the books.

And finally: the Superbowl. Who'd a thunk it? 19-1. I've never been a big Eli fan. It disappoints me to see him with a ring when there are so many other fantastic QB's without a ring (ie. Favre.)  But kudos to the Giants for doing what no one else could do. My favorite commercials were the talking baby and Will Ferrell/Bud Light. "A lot of sweat goes into every bottle, but not literally. That would be gross."

[UPDATE] Thanks to everyone who has pointed out the error in my sports knowledge (Favre in 1997.) Please replace Favre with some other popular player who doesn't have a ring like… Michael Vick! I kid I kid.