– Ben Martens


Every week I listen to a podcast called Cordkillers. As the name implies, they cover all kinds of stories related to getting your TV over the internet. I’ve made it on to the show a couple times with letters that I’ve written. The most recent was episode 155 (link directly to my email) and they seemed to enjoy discussing my comment. They had been talking in a previous episode how the Netflix market was saturated and anyone who had ever thought about getting Netflix already had it. I wrote in to mention that we’re happy with Amazon Prime Video and YouTube.

And then the day after they posted that episode… I resubscribed to the Netflix streaming package. I picked it up every once in a while to watch shows and then drop it when we go a month without watching it. It’s so nice to be able to add and drop services on a whim in this new world. It’s so much easier than adding and dropping cable!