– Ben Martens

NFL Jerseys

A couple weeks ago, TimS told me about a website that sells NFL jerseys for really cheap. They come from China so it’s a good bet that they are unlicensed. There seem to be a lot of websites that do this but the one we looked at was They have tons of jerseys from lots of sports. I even found an old school Ryne Sandberg Cubs jersey on there. Lots of the jerseys are available for $20.

Ordering from them is sketchy. Don’t use a credit card that you care about getting stolen. Every email you receive from the website and the payment company are full of typos and grammatical errors. Shipping takes about two weeks. You’re only paying $20 so don’t expect a perfect replica. For example, on the Seahawks jerseys, there are multiple green colors used. But from a distance it looks good and you’re not paying $250 from