– Ben Martens

NRA Membership

I let my NRA membership lapse. I had it for a year because it was a requirement for joining the gun range. It was a tough call because overall, I generally agree with the things that the NRA supports. I started off in their corner but they turned me off.

  1. As soon as you join, you’re automatically signed up for more junk mail (both electronic and physical) than you can imagine. You have to unsubscribe one by one and it takes forever.
  2. There’s a non-stop call for more money. The world is going to end and Obama is going to personally come to your house and take your guns if you don’t give them money NOW.
  3. They don’t come off as a level-headed organization. Just because the anti-gun lobby is whacko and illogical, that doesn’t mean that the NRA should go to the other extreme and scream just as loud. Why can’t they provide calm, logical arguments? It seems like that would go over a lot better with the public. Just being louder doesn’t mean you’re right.

If you thought that you got a lot of mail when you were a member, wait until you try to quit. It keeps coming and so do the phone calls. Finally one of the callers started the conversation with, “Is this a good number to call you at?” I replied, “No, this is a bad number. Please don’t ever call it again.” So far that seems to have been the end of it.

So while I still agree with most of their stances, I’m out. I know some of you are lifetime members and that’s great. I’m probably going overboard, but I have better things to spend my money on right now. If it was free I guess I might still have my name attached.