– Ben Martens

Pellet Trap

Mom and Dad got me a great CO2 powered pellet revolver for Christmas. I’ve had fun shooting it but instead of shooting cans in the yard and dumping a bunch of little lead pellets into it, I decided to build a pellet trap. You can buy them premade on the Internet and people often use them for indoor shooting, but I wanted to build my own and I figure I use it mostly outside.

I headed up to Monroe to make it with Tim and we basically designed it on the fly using scrap wood. The basic design is there’s a clipboard with the center cut out that holds the target and lets pellets pass through. The box is a little taller than the clipboard and about 8” deep. On the inside of the box, the back is lined with some metal tie plates and then covered with about an inch of duct seal. It’s all glued and nailed together but the top is screwed on for easier access in case I need to change out the duct seal.

After about a hundred test rounds, we give it two thumbs up. The pellets are stopped by the duct seal and either stick in to it or fall to the bottom of the case. The clipboard does a good job of holding the targets and a handle on top make it easily portable. It was a fun afternoon project and I think we were both amazed that one of our projects turned out about how it looked in our head.