– Ben Martens

Project Pie

projectpieAs we looked up places to eat in San Diego, Tyla suggested pizza. Yelp suggested Project Pie. As I read about it, it sounded a LOT like Mod Pizza which is one of our Seattle favorites. Turns out, the founder of Project Pie is one of the same founders of Mod Pizza and another one called Pie-ology. I’m not sure if he starts these and sells them, but he’s got a good formula. If you’ve never had the pleasure of visiting one of these restaurants, think of Chipotle or Five Guys but for pizza. You pay one price and get whatever toppings you want.

We couldn’t tell a huge difference between Project Pie and Mod Pizza, but that’s good thing too because they’re both delicious. We probably failed in our quest to find something unique to San Diego, but we didn’t regret the choice… especially because it was near a Tollhouse store that sold cookies and ice cream.