– Ben Martens

R.I.P. Windows Media Center

windows-media-centerMicrosoft has announced that Windows Media Center will not be present in Windows 10. Some of you know that’s how I run all the TV in my house and were asking what I’m going to do. The answer? Nothing. It’s not a big deal.

Even though Windows Media Center was shipped with Windows 8, the code is exactly the same as it was in Windows 7. If you’re running a Media Center PC, there’s no reason to upgrade it past Windows 7. Mine sits in a closet with a heavily restricted firewall and I turn off automatic updates. It’s an appliance, not a general use computer. Every few months, I carefully back everything up in case of an emergency and then apply all the patches and driver updates that have accumulated.

So while I’m bummed that a great product is officially dying, I knew it was dead years ago. However, my Windows 7 Media Center box will continue to live and work just fine. I’m guessing that this setup will outlast my desire for cable TV. I’m getting closer and closer to cutting that subscription entirely.