– Ben Martens

Random Thoughts

This morning I went out for a long ride on my motorcycle. Aside from the usual thoughts of “Does that car see me?”,  “What if a duck waddles out in front of me?”, and  “Do I look like a dweeb on this thing?”, I was pondering something else. They say that there is one guy for every girl and vice versa. That's always bugged me. First of all, there are 6 billion people in the world. If there's only one girl out there for me then we're talking about a search of needle-in-the-haystack proportions. Even if I know 10,000 people, I've only met 0.00014% of the 6,000,000,000 on this planet. Of course only approximately half are women so that gets me up to 0.00028%. But let's forget about that part because obviously it's not quite that bad. Look at all the married people. If those odds were really correct, then this planet is on an incredibly lucky streak. Ok, so “the one” is out there. What if I had been born five miles away from where I was born? What if I had been born 3 years later than I was? Would “the one” still be the “the one” or would there be a different “the one?”

I guess you probably think I'm stressed out about this, but I'm not. I'm enjoying life and looking forward to whatever is coming down the road. That whole saying is just an odd phrase when you really start to think about it. And when I am left to think alone, I think about odd things. I'd probably scare/bore you if I blogged all my random thought topics. There's one good example of this. I was driving along on a cross-country trip with my girlfriend. We'd been talking for hours and ran out of things to talk about for a while so we were enjoying a nice period of silence. After about half an hour she utters those words that every guy hates, “Penny for your thoughts.” I was scrambling for something deep to say because my current train of thoughts was not worth sharing. “Ummm…..” “Just tell me what you were thinking right when I said that.” “Ok, well… if you're taking care of your car and you have the money you'll buy the expensive gas. The rest of us buy the cheap stuff. Why do they make mid grade gas and who buys it?”