– Ben Martens

Retro Game Night

Even with all the online multiplayer gaming available to us these days, it’s still fun to get together in the same room. Last week I had a couple people over, but instead of playing current games from Steam or XboxOne, we fired up some old Nintendo games! I had two USB NES controllers and the night was a lot of fun. Some of us never had a Nintendo growing up so we saw lots of great games for the first time (15-20 years late!) One of my “new” favorites is Bomberman 2. The concept is simple enough for anyone to pick up on quickly, but since it’s a head-to-head strategy game, there’s a lot of replay value.

That night got me thinking about the Raspberry Pi that Ken gave me a while back. I pulled it out and installed Emulation Station on it. The games play really well but I haven’t quite got the sound figured out yet. Debugging that had me digging through Linux config files and trying to remember VI commands. Yay Linux.

If I had infinite time, I’d love to build another arcade machine, but this one would probably be a coffee table. I’ve added it to my project wish list so there’s a chance it will happen, but the list grows three to four times faster than I can complete the items!