– Ben Martens

Safety Tatoos

I’ve never been a big fan of crowds, and if I have Elijah with me, I’m even more eager to be done with a crowd because I can see it being so easy to lose track of him. With our upcoming trip to Disney, I was reading a guide book and they recommended custom temporary tattoos. You write some emergency contact info on it and slap it on your kid. Then you teach them to show that to a policeman, etc if they get lost. Brilliant!

A quick search will reveal that there are tons of different companies, but I kind of blindly pickedĀ They have two options. One is like a bandaid/sticker that you write on and the other is more of the standard temporary tattoo that is custom printed with your emergency contact info. We went with the latter because Elijah hates having band-aids pulled off.

Don’t feel a need to order from that specific company, but I think it’s one of those things that’s useful to have in your mental bag of tricks as a parent.