– Ben Martens

Seahawks As High School Prospects

Professional sports teams are looking at younger and younger kids to start recruiting. So how did the current Seahawk players look when they were coming out of high school? The Seahawks released a story showing that info (which comes from a Yahoo site).

After reading through that, it makes me wonder if these things are even worth the effort. There’s only one five star player and that’s Devin Hester. Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner and Doug Baldwin all only managed two stars. So either these ratings are not done very well or people can improve a lot after high school. I’d imagine that both are true.

It would be interesting to look at things the other way around: how are the 5 star high school prospects fairing now? Thankfully has already gone very deep on this and has a ton of great statistics. The short answer is that if you are rated 5 stars in high school, you have a better than 50% chance of making it to the NFL and if you go early in the draft, you will probably stick around the NFL for a while.

This stuff is big business, but it must be really frustrating to deal with something so imprecise.