– Ben Martens

Search Engine Unveiling

I promised you a new website feature on Monday and I wouldn't want to disappoint. So without further adue, I proudly present:

As you clever people may have guessed, Boogle is my new search engine. Head on over to Boogle and give it a shot. (There is also a link in the right hand menu bar for “Search“.) Any resemblence to another popular search engine is purely… intentional. It's not quite perfect yet. For example, it gets confused on common words like “and”, “the”, and “if” so just leave them out of your queries. You won't get any fancy boolean operators yet.

I wrote this in about 3 hours using the Microsoft Full Text Search feature and ASP.NET. The full text search engine gives you features like searching for inflections of a word (type in “good” and get results for “better” and “best” as well) and searching for two words near each other. I haven't turned any of those nifty features on yet though so you're just getting the word you searched for. I do quite a bit of processing on the results returned as well. You can click the URL that is returned and head straight to the post. The results will also show your search terms in bold with a few words before and after it. The same search works for Jay's site as well. Just click the radio button underneath the logo before you do your search. If you go to the URL, the radio button is automatically selected for his site.

There are almost three years of posts on the site now and it was getting increasingly difficult to find anything. Hopefully this will make life a little simpler at least until Google catches up with the act and indexes more of my posts.