– Ben Martens

Shop Reorganization

The past couple weekends, I’ve made some pretty big changes to my work shop (a.k.a the third bay of our garage.) The completion of the shop vac cart opened up some new possibilities.

  • I moved my table saw over by the garage door. That lets me save a little space because if I have a long board, I can just open up the garage door.
  • The shop vac cart is placed by the table saw, the assembly table and the miter saw. Those are the places that it gets used the most so it’s convenient to swap out the hose connection to the right tool. I also have easy access to electric plugs on different circuits so that I can confidently power the tool and the shop vac at the same time.
  • The band saw moved up to a previously unused spot by the work bench. I still have space to feed through most boards there but if not, it’s on a rolling base so I can move it.
  • One change not in this picture is that I moved my TV onto the same wall as the peg board. That lets me see it a little easier when I’m standing at the assembly table and it also frees up more space for shelves/cabinets that I plan to build at some point.

I’ll probably change it around at some point, but it’s really nice having everything on wheels so I can make these changes quickly.