– Ben Martens

Soggy Fair

We have some pretty good fairs in the area. The Puyallup Fair is one of the biggest in the country with over a million annual visitors. The sheer size is fun to see, but lately Tyla and I have been going to the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe. It’s smaller, but it has everything we need and it’s not so crazy crowded. I generally take a day off so we can go during the week when the crowds are even smaller.

This year I took the Friday off before the long Labor Day weekend. It was a good choice in terms of the four day weekend, but it was a terrible choice in terms of weather. It DUMPED. You know it rains a lot in the fall, winter and spring around here, but you may not know that it rarely rains hard enough to need an umbrella. But Friday we had actual rain storms come through with torrential downpours. Thankfully I had packed a big golf umbrella in the truck and that kept us dry. There were a few breaks between the soaking events so we were still able to have a good time and see lots of things, but it will forever be the day we refer to as, “Remember when we went to the fair in the rain?”

Elijah was finally big enough to go on some of the rides, but he wasn’t big enough to ride them all by himself. That’s how I ended up riding a little kid’s ride all alone with my son in the rain. Plus five daddy points. His favorite activity at the fair is riding the pedal tractors that the antique tractor club always brings. He was there for a solid 20 minutes and we still had to pull him away.

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