– Ben Martens

Spotify 2019

I make pretty heavy use of my Spotify subscription, especially at work. Around this time every year, they provide a bunch of stats about what you listen to. Here are some of the stats and top 5 lists that they gave me:

  • Top song:: The Arcadian Wild – Silence a Stranger
  • Top 5 artists:
    • Jason Mraz
    • The Arcadian Wild
    • The Senate
    • Jonathan Coulton
    • John Mayer
  • Top Genres:
    • Neo mellow
    • Stomp and holler
    • Indiecoustica
    • Progressive bluegrass
    • Indie pop

I’ve never heard of most of those genres but sure, why not. If you know my listening history, you might be surprised to not see any country on there. That’s still a favorite of mine, but I keep this work account totally focused on the type of music listed above. If I start to mix it with country, the recommendations get very confusing and useless. If I stick with one area, the “Discover Weekly” list is much more useful.