– Ben Martens

Stephen Bautista Visits

We had a visit from musician Stephen Bautista in church last Sunday. He travels around the country with his 7 kids and wife in a van and camping trailer playing music for churches in our synod. Various traveling musicians have come through before, but Stephen was in a class of his own. I heard lots of people commenting on how good he was. He’s still playing at other churches in the area so consider stopping in to hear him play. Everything is posted on his website at

Stephen played a bunch of songs during the service and then gave a mini-concert during the time slot normally occupied by Bible class and Sunday School. I recorded that concert and posted it on YouTube. The audio isn’t great, but if you like it, he has two albums you can buy and is working on a third. Both albums are on Xbox Music and Spotify so I’m guessing they’re available on iTunes, etc too. And of course you can buy music and get more info on his website.