– Ben Martens

Sunday Ride

Rachel and I hopped on the motorcycle on Sunday and went exploring. The first interesting site was the split in the road pictured below. You can click on it for the full view. The road splits and both directions have a Dead End sign. I feel like this is a good cover for a motivational book, or maybe there's a sermon topic in there for you Pastor Scherschel.

All of our exploration ended in either dead ends or dirt roads. (Jay, if we had your Jeep out here, we could drive on dirt roads to some incredible places.) We backtracked back down to the main road and headed for Snoqualmie Falls.

I've been to the falls a number of times, but it's still one of my favorite places to show people. It's my way of saying, "See how awesome Washington is? This place is 14 minutes from my house!"

The near-record snowfall in the mountains coupled with the record warm temperatures has created a very fast melting snowpack that is sending flash floods down the hillsides. I was shocked at how much water was flowing over the falls. I've never seen anything close to it. Check out these comparison shots. I think it will be easy to tell which ones were from the weekend and which were from a previous summer.


I don't have a comparison shot for this last picture because the river is so high that all of these rocks are underwater. The normally calm river where people go tubing has turned into raging rapids.

Speaking of record snowfall, Alpental is staying open for another weekend. What an incredible ski season!