– Ben Martens

Survival Sunday

incaseofzombiesLast year we stocked up to prepare for a 3-4 day emergency so we’d still have food, water, etc. Those kits rapidly expire so we needed a way to stay on top of it. Today was the First Bi-Annual Survival Sunday. Here’s our current list of activities for these Survival Sundays:

  • Pour stored gas into vehicles and buy new. Add fuel stabilizer to gas cans.
  • Fill propane
  • Check food stores. Eat anything that’s going bad in the next 12 months. Replace.
  • Check water rations. Replace as needed.
  • Go through survival kit checking expiration dates on medicine, charges on batteries, etc.
  • Start up the generator and test it.
  • Check ammo supplies
  • Check expiration date on fire alarms and test alarm system
  • Check car first aid kits for expiration dates
  • Check fire extinguishers

Aside form getting a little too rambunctious with the smoke for the alarm test (our alarm kept going off), the day was a success. It’s probably totally unnecessary, but who knows, maybe we’ll be glad we did it some day. Given how often we’ve lost power in the last 12 months, some of this will probably come in handy. Bundling all this work into a single afternoon makes it a little less daunting than spreading it out over the year and forgetting everything.