– Ben Martens

Switching To

Last November, I posted that I was switching my email from GMail to It didn’t affect anyone because it just meant that my email forwarded to a different site, but it was a pretty major change for me.

I did it in large part because I want to dogfood the solutions that our company provides in hopes of fairly representing them and offering feedback to the teams that wrote them. I thought it would be a bit of a downgrade, but wow, I’m really impressed. is a fantastic mail service. First of all, their junk mail detection is just as good as GMail. Where they really shine is their interface. loads faster and is subjectively easier to use, especially if you’re on a touch-enabled device. The web client looks and acts very similarly to the Windows 8 app so the continuity is a plus. I manage all my email in the desktop version of Outlook, but their web client and Windows 8 apps are so good, I’m thinking dropping the client version of Outlook.

This wasn’t the side-step (or even downgrade) that I expected. It’s pure win. If you’re frustrated with your email service or just looking for a change, give it a shot.