– Ben Martens

Ted’s Woodworking Scam

tedswoodworkingThe internet is missing something like Amazon for woodworking plans. There should be a site that hosts plans from various authors and has reviews from people who have purchased the product. There are plenty of tiny sites, but no master collection.

That allows scammers like Ted’s Woodworking to step in. They have collected some freely available plans, stolen a bunch of plans that they don’t own, and then packaged it all up into one bundle that you pay for. It’s sad and frustrating that these guys can somehow get away with this. Many of the major wood magazines have done articles about this being a scam, but I’ll do my part by announcing it here too. Here’s a great article showing all the companies that Ted has stolen from and Steve Ramsey has an older video about it. This has been going on for a very long time.

If you’re looking for great plans, check out these sites which have a mix of free and paid plans:

There is so much awesome content out there, and much of it is free anyway. Don’t perpetuate the scams.