– Ben Martens

Tractor Sign

For Dad’s birthday, I spent time drawing a picture of his tractor. It might take a lot of hours to get to the point where you have your file ready to cut, but after you get there, it’s just minutes to cut a new copy.

I decided to cut out a big one and put it on Elijah’s wall. The max work piece size that our laser cutter can handle is 24 x 18 so that’s about how big this one is. I sprayed on a couple coats of white paint but still let the wood grain show through. As you can see in the picture, he was VERY excited to put this on his wall.

One thought on “Tractor Sign

  1. Dudley

    Hurray Elijah! Now we both get to see Otis every day. That was a great idea your Daddy had for us. This summer you can come and drive Otis again. What fun!