– Ben Martens

Weekend Recap

Saturday started off with a trip to H&R Block. I always say I'm going to do my taxes on my own, but then tax season rolls around and I find myself in the comforting confines of H&R Block. I walk in and two hours later I walk out. No stress. No worrying. No procrastination. Uncle Sam cut me the biggest rebate check of my life. I think I need to adjust my W-4.

Saturday afternoon it got up to around 65 so I rolled the motorcycle out, cleaned it up, and took it out for a nice long tour. I'm loving winter out here, but I'm also looking forward to some nice warm days spent on the road.

After church, I headed up north with Tim, Chelsea, Matt and Laura for a quick trip to a casino and then shopping at the outlet malls. As promised, I made a stop at the roulette table, put $40 on black, and promptly won. It feels good to take money from the casinos. That money (and a lot more) was quickly spent by the girls as I assigned them both the honorable role of "Ben's personal shopper." I rarely buy new clothes and a lot of that is because I know I lack fashion sense. It's a lot easier to buy clothes when two females approve the purchase.

Now it's time to start the short work week. Thursday morning I fly back east to visit friends and take a trip to Maine for some skiing. They've been getting dumped on so I figured I would go check it out. Thankfully we're supposed to start getting snow up in the mountains here this week too (5-7 feet are predicted through Friday.) It has been pretty dry lately so all the skiers are happy to see that winter isn't over yet.