– Ben Martens

Whistler in the Summer

Mom, Dad and I spent the weekend in Whistler. I wasn't sure what to expect there in the summer, but it was a blast. The weather was a bit foggy the first day but it didn't deter us much. The second day was full of sunshine and we had some great views. And we got actual snowfall at the peak on both days (no accumulation though.)

The main events on our trip were hiking down Harmony Ridge past Harmony Lake, the zip lining 100 feet above Fitzsimmons Creek, and hiking the new High Note trail around the south side of Whistler Peak. Oh and of course we ate some great food and found things to buy in the village.

This was the first time I stayed in the Windwhistle Condos (#402), but it won't be the last. It's located right in the village above the Whistler Grocery Store (near Citta's Bistro and the Amsterdam Cafe.) That condo could sleep six and has two separate decks overlooking the mountains. You can find the info on if you're interested.

Plenty of pictures have been posted in the photo gallery. You can also click on the panorama below for the full size version. And finally, I have embedded a video of one of Mom's zip line runs.