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Windows 10 And Android SMS

windows-10-cortanaDid you know that Windows 10 has as built-in feature that will allow you to receive SMS messages from your Android phone and reply to them right from your desktop? This feature is fantastic when I’m at work because I don’t have to stop what I’m doing to pull my phone out of my pocket and reply. (I’ll just have to remember to disable it when I’m in projecting on the big screen in meetings!)

To get this going, you need to have Cortana set up on your phone and on your desktop. There are plenty of websites that cover this, but here are a couple tips:

  1. On your desktop, make sure that Cortana is enabled. In the settings, turn on “Send notifications from devices.”
  2. On your Android device, install Cortana. From the settings, go to “Sync notifications”. Enable App notifications sync and make sure she has access to your notifications. Then go to Choose which apps to sync and make sure you enable only the ones that you really care about (I chose my SMS app and Facebook messenger.)

Now when you get a text, you should get a toast notification with the contents of the message and you can reply right from that box. You can also open up Cortana on your computer and type (or say) “Text Joe Blow Will you bring beer to the game tonight?” Note that after I set this up, it took 5 or 10 minutes before it started working but now the messages show up on my desktop within a couple seconds of my phone buzzing.

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