– Ben Martens

Wireless Charging

DT-903_orange-white-greenFor the past 2.5 years, Tyla and I have had cell phones that support wireless charging. Last summer, I bought some cheapo wireless chargers and they just didn’t work reliably. I kind of gave up on the idea until they scattered some official Nokia charging pads around my building at work. I used them for a while and it worked every time. So I tossed the old ones that we didn’t use anymore and bought the nicer ones from Nokia (DT-903) which happened to be in our company store.

They work perfectly! Drop the phone on and boom, you’re charging. Plus, the charger connects to your phone with Bluetooth LE and will flash the light if you have a low battery, text message, email, etc. The flashing is configurable and you can set nighttime hours when the light is off completely. That’s a must-have feature since we have these in the bedroom.

Nokia also makes the DT-900¬†which is less expensive and I don’t think it has as many features, but we might pick one of those up for down in the main living area.

It’s definitely a luxury purchase, but Qi charging is a standard across lots of Windows Phone and Android devices. (Sorry, no iOS unless you put a special case on your phone.)

One thought on “Wireless Charging

  1. Ken C.

    I saw a cool project video where they attached a wireless charger to the underside of the flat top of a night stand so that you could charge your phone just by placing it on the night stand in the right spot. I tried this with my Qi charger, but the wood was too thick for it to still work. I’d be curious to see if it works for yours though.