– Ben Martens

100 Years

stpaulsodus100My parents attend St. Paul Lutheran Church in Sodus, MI. That church just celebrated it’s 100th anniversary! It’s an impressive milestone for any organization. She said that 293 people showed up for the service! They had extra chairs all over the place and people were in overflow rooms too. The image in this post is one that she snapped from the balcony during the service. The area paper also has a writeup that includes older pictures of the church.

It got me thinking about my current church. That church started in 1959 so if I’m still around for the 100th anniversary, I’ll be 79 years old!

One thought on “100 Years

  1. Dudley

    It is a wonderful milestone. It’s a gift from God to a few of his people. Thank you Ben for noting this great event.