– Ben Martens

100w Bulb Phase Out

Sometimes not paying attention to the news catches me by surprise. For example, a trip to Home Depot to buy a replacement 100w incandescent bulb left me confused. They didn’t have any 100w bulbs!

I mentioned it at dinner to Don and he said we had President Bush to thank for that one. Sure enough, in 2007, President Bush signed the Energy Independence and Security Act. 100W bulbs are gone this year, 75W disappear next year, and 60W and 40W bulbs are gone in 2014.

I’ve mostly converted to CCFL bulbs (good LED bulbs are still too expensive) but there are a couple places where I really want incandescent bulbs even though they are inefficient. Specifically,I want instant bright light in the garage and the motion sensor switch installed out there causes CCFL bulbs to flicker.

Luckily you can still find the 100W bulbs on Amazon so I bought a 24 pack. That seemed like a good idea until they arrived at my house in a poorly packaged box containing a million light bulb pieces. Amazon has a good return policy though so I sent it back and found 100w bulbs at Fred Meyer.

The bottom line is don’t miss out on buying these if you need them in your house!