– Ben Martens

A New Way To Buy Office

In the past you’ve had to shell out hundreds of dollars to get the Microsoft Office suite, or maybe you got it for a little less with your new computer. Then you’re stuck with that version no matter what versions arrive later. And what if you have five computers in your house? Well either you break the law or you buy a bunch of copies. It’s a big cost.

With Office 2013, Microsoft is launching a new way to buy Office. You can now buy a subscription for one year for just $100. That subscription works on up to 5 devices! Mac, PC, handheld devices, etc are all included. You can easily manage which computers/devices are included in the subscription and change them as you go. And each of those computers gets a full version of office that would cost $400 for each computer if you bought the actual full copy of Office. Additionally, it comes with 25GB of extra storage on SkyDrive and some Skype minutes.

If you have a bunch of computers in your house and you like to keep them all up to date, check out this new subscription service.