– Ben Martens


geekweightlossChanging a bad habit on your own is tough. Lots of rehab programs use the concept of an “accountability partner.” You are in it together with someone else and you confide in each other about how it’s going. Whether you do it in person or just tweet it every day online, simply knowing that you have to check in with somebody else can be a big motivation.

Tyla and I have both been trying unsuccessfully to shed a few pounds so I geeked it up and used the accountability concept. Our digital scale logs our weight every morning. I grab that data and put it in my own database. Then I made a very quick little website that shows how much combined weight we have lost since the date we agreed to do this. It intentionally does not show how much each person has contributed. We set a shared goal and now we’re both working toward it.

We’ll see how well this works in the long run, but so far it’s adding some fun to the boring task of watching what we eat.