– Ben Martens

Andy and Stephanie’s Wedding

A couple weekends ago, we headed across the border to Vancouver, BC for Andy and Stephanie’s wedding. It was Elijah’s first time crossing the border, but he kept his mouth shut and didn’t say anything awkward to the border agents. It turns out that we only needed a birth certificate to get him across the border which was nice.

The wedding was beautiful! It was an outdoor wedding at the Hart House, and though it’s normally pretty wet this time of year, they had beautiful sunny weather. After the ceremony, Andy and Stephanie got in a row boat and headed out onto the lake for some quiet time before coming back and getting the reception started.

Approximately 15% of the guests did NOT have a big camera with them. I’m joking, but there were an incredible number of cameras clicking all night long. So I don’t have many of the standard photos you’d take as a wedding guest. I was trying to stay out of the way and not add to the photo madness. A few of the photos are included below or you can check the photo gallery.

Elijah was a champ the whole night. He was either content to watch the party or was sleeping soundly in his car seat. We had sunglasses for him in the bright sun and then ear protection inside the tent. (Tyla’s time working at the hearing clinic is going to help this boy keep his ears safe!) In the end it was Tyla and I who tuckered out and had to leave the party.

Thanks to Andy and Stephanie for inviting us and congratulations!