– Ben Martens

Duck Dynasty Birthday

Birthdays around here usually involve dinner with Tyla’s parents, so when she said we’d go over there for my birthday, I didn’t think twice. Boy was I in for a surprise!

My first clue that was something was different was when we pulled up to the house and the front door had a sign that said “It’s a party Jack!” Walking in I discovered Don and Logan in camo, beards and bandanas. Then I spotted the food table and it was filled with all kinds of recipes from the show! Wow! Tyla put in a ton of work planning it all out and Don and Nancy spent all weekend cooking. It was quite a party! Thank you!

All of the food was great including some specialties like frog legs, but my favorite was Miss Kay’s Banana Pudding. I need to get the recipe for that from Tyla and try it to make it myself. It was so good!