– Ben Martens

Birthday Food Extravaganza

When Tyla asked what I wanted to eat for my birthday dinner, I said “BACON LOG!” It’s been a long time since we’ve made one and sitting outside in the sunshine by a smoker for a few hours seemed like a good way to spend the day. Don got in on the action too and decided to smoke a brisket. He really went all out marinating it for two days and then starting the smoker at midnight. He got up every couple hours to check on it. He also chopped up two grill baskets full of veggies. Thanks Don! While we had all that going, we also cooked up a new batch of hot sauce. This time we did it with all mango instead of including some papaya. Logan dubbed this one “Yellow Fever.” It came out delicious though Logan claims the Agent Orange recipe is better.

There was so much delicious food that day. Thank you to everyone for helping to put it together and for letting me fulfill my dream of making another bacon long!