– Ben Martens

Butcher 101

So you’ve never been to one, but you’re “butcher curious”. Here are some recommendations for you. If you’re in the same area as me, go visit Golden Steer Choice Meets, and if you’re not, just walk in and introduce yourself. They’ll probably be happy to help you out.

I’ve blogged about my Golden Steer Favorites before, but my list has changed a bit since then. Here are the top three things I recommend that you buy:

  1. Maui beef ribs – Thin strips of meat marinated in their maui sauce. Grill for a couple minute or two on each side and enjoy.
  2. Chicken bacon ranch burgers – These are preformed delicious patties.
  3. Boneless rib eyes – This was the winner of our blind taste test of steaks. You can’t go wrong with this choice.

They regularly have new items to try out too. Our latest purchase included a few prime rib burgers. They were pricey but supposedly fantastic. We are still waiting to test them out ourselves.

The bottom line is that your local butcher knows their meat and they would love to share that delicious knowledge with you.