– Ben Martens

Bye Bye Trees

I am Ben, Destroyer of Trees.

The next step in the yard project was to pull out a bunch of trees. Some of them were dying and some would have died after we raised the level of the yard above their current bases. Tim regularly works with one tree service and they had done some free work for the church so they seemed like a good fit for the job at our house. They pulled down a bunch of trees along our back fence and along the side of the house. As with most contractor work, I was a bit hesitant to pay someone to do this, but in the end I was glad I did. They had the whole thing done and cleaned up in four hours. It would have easily taken me all weekend and then I would have been left with a big mess of trees to haul away. It looks incredibly different in our backyard, but it’s not the finished product. Out with the old, in with the new!

In the photo below, Elijah and Tyla are both wearing their “Better Hearing and Speech Month” shirts. The clinic that Tyla worked in promotes this every month as a public service announcement. Make sure you protect your ears! Once you damage them, you generally can’t fix them.