– Ben Martens

Bear Grylls Life Tips

I admit to being a Bear Grylls fanboy. I’ll watch just about anything he does, or at least give it a try. He has quite a few books so I decided to look at one. Meh. It’s really not very good, but there were three thoughts from the book that have really stuck with me.

  1. He talks about how it’s so easy to take your frustrations out on your closets friends and family. You see them every day so you feel very comfortable and you let down your guard. But if we love them the most, shouldn’t we give them the best of ourselves? “The smart man and woman save the best for those they love.”
  2. “We all have bigger and better stories, but it’s a good quality to be able to hold your tongue and allow the storyteller their moment in the sun.”
  3. “Here is a great definition of gossip I once heard: ‘If the person you’re speaking to will think worse or less of the person you’re speaking about, then it’s gossip, so cut it out!’”

The book is called A Survival Guide for Life: How to Achieve Your Goals, Thrive in Adversity, and Grow in Character. I can’t really recommend it if I can remember and act on even one of those three things then it was worth a read.