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Childhood Christmas Gifts

As we think about what to get Elijah for Christmas, it’s interesting to think back to my own childhood and remember various gifts that I received. I thought it might be fun to list out a few of the more memorable ones:

  • Around 1992, we got a family Christmas gift which was a CD-ROM drive for the computer. *mind blown* I spent hours being amazed at how much data could fit on a single disc and watching every tiny little 160×120 resolution video that was on the encyclopedia disc that came along with it. I’m pretty sure it was The New Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia.
  • I had an enormous Lego set on my Christmas list. In retrospect, it was probably twice as expensive as our normal Christmas gifts. But low and behold, a wrapped package ended up under the tree that was about the size I expected the Lego set would be, and when I shook it, it sounded a LOT let Legos. I proceeded to comment endlessly about how I knew what that present was and I was very excited to open it. On Christmas morning I ripped open the paper and… not Legos. It ended up being Domino Rally (here’s a great 80s ad for it) which was actually pretty fun, but wow, did I feel horrible for incessantly guessing the wrong present. That gift changed my life. I will never ever again guess what is in a present before I open it. That declaration was quickly put to the test when there was a BB gun under the tree for me the next year, but I stuck to my guns and refused to guess what it was. Pun intended.
  • When I was 4, Rachel and I each got Big Wheels. We got a lot of use out of those things but that gift really sticks out because we were permitted to ride through the house! This was the first Christmas in our new house and we rode all the way down the hallway, through the living room and into the dining room. It was quite a thrill mostly because we were clearly doing an outdoor activity inside.

At this point in writing the post, I looked back through our old Christmas photos (thanks for doing all that scanning Mom!) and remembered a bunch of other great gifts like laser tag, various Lego sets, a safe, a skateboard and various models. Hopefully Elijah ends up with lots of happy Christmas memories too.

4 thoughts on “Childhood Christmas Gifts

  1. Dudley

    I often think back to when you and Rachel rode those Big Wheels through our new, bigger house. I can picture it vividly. Special memory for sure.

    Sorry your Lego dream wasn’t fulfilled.

  2. Rachel

    I remember how much fun that was! But I have 2 of my own I’d like to add:

    1. The VCR and our very first movie, “Bambi.” Thus began the era of taping TV shows and movies, trying to time it right to edit out commercials by stating and stopping the recording process (which made for some strange recordings), writing in miniscule handwriting all that the tape contained, having to fast forward and rewind it until you finally got to the right part, and the agony when someone recorded over what you had wanted to save.

    2. The Foosball table. It may not have been a pool table or air hockey table, but we got a lot of enjoyment out if that thing! There were many hours of fun spent with friends, and each other, trying to kick that little ball into the goal. (Do you remember the hotel we stayed at once where they were having some sort of Foosball tournament? Those guys were amazing!!)

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