– Ben Martens

Church Sign

Many moons ago we embarked on building a new sign at church. The masonry and the main sign were installed earlier this year along with all the landscaping and irrigation. The final step was to build a reader board below the sign to hold acrylic letters. Tim and I met up a few weekends back to get the sign built and it didn’t take too long. We used some cedar and got it all put together. Then I spent about a week putting coats of primer, paint and clear coat. Hopefully it’s fairly waterproof at this point but only time will tell. Logan met me at church to help get the sign mounted. It looks pretty good! I wish we could have matched the colors of the sign, but the sign company just mixed paint to get the colors and couldn’t give us any paint codes. Getting an exact match from a photo or something like that seemed like an impossible task. Black and white should work fine. The only thing we might have to still do is add a piece of plastic over the sign with a lock to keep people from messing with the letters.