– Ben Martens

Computer Build Retrospective

The other day I was marveling at how quickly my desktop computer at home was plowing through a video encoding task and realized that I built the computer almost 2 years ago! I think this is the best that a computer has ever withstood the test of time. I don’t even know what I’d really do to upgrade it at this point. I’m very happy with it. The only thing I added to it after the build was a mid-range graphics card.

I’m less happy with the computer I built 4 years ago, but that’s mostly goes back to my frustration with buying a cheap case and a few mistakes that I made because it was my first build. But in fairness, that one is still doing a great job too. It runs 24/7 in my network closet and acts as our file server, media server, cloud backup machine and VM host for an instance of Windows Home Server to manage daily PC backups of every computer in the house.

It’s nice (and odd) to feel so content with a computer after two years.