– Ben Martens

Cool Weather

The Pacific Northwest is breaking all kinds of rain records this winter. For example, looking at the period between Oct 1 and Sept 30, we have already received more than the average rain for that entire period. But it’s not just the rain that has been unique this year. We’re also having much cooler temps.

March is over and by now we have usually enjoyed a few 60 degree (or even 70 degree) days mixed in with the standard “low 50s and rainy” weather. But not this year. KOMO posted an article a while back showing the history of the longest wait to reach 60 degrees. The record was April 11 back in 1954. We are rapidly climbing up the list! Tuesday and Wednesday are both forecast to be right around 60 so we’ll see how far we climb before we get a day at 60 or above.

  1. April 11: 1954
  2. April 8: 1957
  3. April 7: 1959
  4. April 4: 1950
  5. April 4: 1971
  6. April 3: 2002
  7. April 2: 1967
  8. March 31: 2000
  9. March 30: 1976
  10. March 29: 2003

In my head I hear the yodeling song from Cliffhanger on the Price Is Right.

[UPDATE] SeaTac had a high of 60 on April 4 so we tied for #4 on the list.