– Ben Martens

Stop Spam Calls

Lately my cell phone has been getting two or three spam calls a day. Even when it’s not that bad I’m still getting one every day or two. Technology to the rescue!

There’s a free app (Android, iOS and Windows Phone) called Truecaller. It replaces your phone app. When you get a call, it looks up the number to determine if other users have marked it as spam. You can even tell it to block the call completely if it’s really sure that it is spam.

This app has been a big help for me. Previously I’ve answered pretty much every call because I don’t know if it’s a call from our alarm monitoring company or not. (Those calls come from a variety of different call centers.)

It still annoys me that we haven’t been able to solve the problem of spam calls, but at least this helps me reduce the amount of time that they suck out of my day.